Growth - Innovation
Analytics - Research

Matthew helps companies of all stages and vertical grow and scale by leveraging marketing, applied data, and technology.

Building Sustainible Growth

Matthew has more than 10 years of experience growing businesses in a variety of capacities. From high-level strategic guidance and consulting to hands-on executions, he specializes in the following areas:

Growth Marketing

Omni-channel campaigns, email, social media, SEO, ASO, PPC, Marketing Operations, & more

Data & Analytics

Tracking setup, Customer Data Platforms, User Research, Market Research, & automation


Incubators and accelerators, investment programs, due diligence, & startup ecosystem

Scalable growth via applied analytics and technology

Matthew's approach to marketing, business development, and data-driven decision-making is focused on creating long-term growth. By building solid foundations and analyzing efficacy, Matthew is able to focus efforts on channels to create maximum ROI. His tactics focus on compounding micro-conversions, ensuring that the work he does provides long-term value and provides building blocks through which future executions can be optimized.

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Selected Projects


Led analytics, modelling, and thought leadership in Products, Blockchain, Customer Data, and AdTech to guide 6-figure strategic startup investments


Managed team of 20+ global marketers, built data systems 2x'ed apps per cohort, launched 15 new programs with 1,000+ portfolio companies

Touch Surgery

First marketing hire, 10x+'ed user acquisition growth rate, and built 4 person marketing team for EdTech platform that exited for 9 figures to Medtronic

"Matthew’s analytics and product modelling expertise, coupled with his broad communication skills, are extremely effective. He is an essential contributor for our leadership team’s decision making through his robust, data-driven models."

– Mark Masterson, Head of R+D - NTT DATA UK

"Matthew rapidly built sustainable userbase growth and dramatically improved our core business KPIs. He was able to rapidly learn and improve upon digital marketing practices used in the healthcare industry to drive collaborative marketing and tap into our university and medical device partners' marketing budgets."

– Kim Parkins, VP of Marketing and Partnerships - Touch Surgery

"Matthew managed multiple projects from from concept to launch, and through a number of improvement cycles. His initiatives automated a huge amount of what had previously been manual labor, and enabled us to better understand how both marketing and investment initiatives were performing."

– Andy Shannon, Partner & Head of Global - Startupbootcamp