Google Search Traffic by Year Until 2016

Matthew Eisner

I noticed recently that all the charts and tables for Google Search Engine historical usage data were either incomplete, or cut off after the year 2012. I needed the graphic for a deck I was working on, and found a neat little way to embed live updating graphics using Google Sheets. The chart is interactive, so if you hover over one of the bars, you’ll see a popup with more detailed information.

Pretty interesting to see a dip in 2014,  as well as how sustained Google’s overall growth has been in terms of it’s key performance metric, the number of searches performed by users. Another interesting takeaway: Google’s average growth rate for searches per year has been just above 50% Year-over-Year growth (53.5% to be precise) since the search engine’s launch in 1998. For the first 10 years of the search giant’s operations, this rate was even higher, at about 77% Year-over-Year